is the use of X-radiation, high energy photons, to image 'through' objects, leaving a shadow behind as if cast by an unusually bright sun. We are all familiar with the process in airports and at the dentist's, however here at Telemark we use a different type of X-ray system for industrial use.


We use a  Hewlett-Packard Faxitron, pictured left, a device uniquely suited -- in fact constructed specifically -- for the task. Unlike medical X-ray sources, the Faxitron has an X-ray tube with a very small spot size -- 1mm -- leading to very sharp images in comparison to those arrived upon medically.

However, this would lead to dangerous patient exposures (as the quantity of X-rays emitted is lower, resulting in a longer time required, increasing the probablity of DNA damage)...however in our case, most ordinary objects are effectively immune to the effects of these X-rays, and are an invaluable tool for viewing the insides of potted brick-type electronics, viewing circuit board layers and ball-grid-array solder joints, looking at welds and castings, complex mechanical assemblies, and more. Due to the process, we also have a fully stocked black-and-white darkroom, pictured below, which also allows us to perform more traditional photographic services by request.